Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vintage Items

Here are some pictures of me from earlier this year. Just a little introduction to what my blog will be like and the type of things I like. This blog entry will be more about the vintage items I got this year.
Sunday, September 18, 2012
 This is the first time I went to a flea market. I got a bunch of great records and a Life magazine from 1960!
 My absolute FAVORITE singer of the 60s is Cher! I was so exicted to get a record of hers!
 Me with my new Cher record.
 This was a Beatles fan envelope.
Wearing my Beatles shirt.
 February 5th, 2012
  Got some new vintage 16 magazines! I ordered them from Ebay! They have articles in them called "Dear Sonny" and "Dear Cher." Love them!
  My new vintage outfit. I received the skirt from my dad's friend and it was hers when she was my age!
I feel like a 60s girl! I'm wearing my vintage outfit, and I have my vintage magazine! Perfect!

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