Saturday, June 23, 2012

Car Show

June 14th, 2012
Today there was a car show in the center of town. This was one of my favorite cars I saw there! It is absolutely gorgeous! Just look at that pretty shade of blue!
Beautiful baby blue!
I love that even the inside is blue!
I believe this one is a 1957 Chevy-my favorite type of old car! This is totally my dream car!
Chevy Bel Air.
Can you spot two hula dancers!? (I thought those were too cute!)

Look how shiney this one is! Just gorgeous!
Another 57' Chevy, only this one is candy apple red!
Love it!
Red dice!

 Snapshot of the Chevy sign of the back of my friend's dad's old car. It's from the 40s!

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  1. Great photos of the cars. I like your choice of interesting angles.