Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Introduction to my blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog; this is my first time using blogger. I have a tumblr, but that's just for posting pictures I like. This will be more based on something.

Before I go into detail about what my blog will be like, I should probably tell you a little bit about myself. Well, my name is Amanda and currently, I am 15. I will turn 16 on July 18th. I am in LOVE with all things vintage and retro and I wish I was growing up in the 60s! My favorite decades are the 50s-70s, but my favorite is the 60s.
I stand for peace and going green, and I enjoy the little things in life.Some things I like
 to do are read and watch my favorite shows and movies; I like being outdoors, making art,and enjoying the little things life has to offer!
So, this blog will mainly be about vintage fashion. I love buying new clothes and picking out my outfits for the day. I'm trying to work on making my style more vintage-like, and making my outfits more fashionable. So, if you like vintage fashion follow my blog! I'd love to share my style and get ideas from other fashionistas as well!

P.S. Vintage fashion isn't the only thing I'll post on this blog though. I'll have other things maybe having to do with crafts I've done, or places I've been. Maybe I'll even write some movie or book reviews! I'll also write some things that I think about that will hopefully inspire others.


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