Thursday, June 28, 2012

Modcloth Roadtrip

How would you like to start your summer by traveling across the country? What about wearing an outfit coordinating with the style of each city you travel to? Well, if you don't exactly have the time or money for that trip, then text MOD1 to 30364.

The online vintage-modern clothing company ModCloth will text you back telling you you've just entered a certain city, and you are wearing a particular item of clothing. Below the text they give you a website to go to, and on that page you have to find the item of clothing they are talking about. Once you click on it, a description will come up. It's almost as if you are involved in this cross-country story, which makes it fun, and definately unique! In the description, they will give you to the answer to the question they asked you. All you have to do is text back, they'll tell you if it's right or wrong, then you will move on to another state!

I thought this was such a neat idea, it was so cool. For any fan of ModCloth, you should definately do this is a fun little activity! What I love is that it gets you involved, making you scroll along the newest fashions, as well as making you learn about some of our states and their famous landmarks.
Not only is it cool for the consumer, but it's also pretty cool for the company too. I thought to myself "How neat is it that this company gets their costumers involved in this type of activity?" It made me think "They really know how to get costumers, and get business!" Fun things like this attract the costumer to a business, so I give the company a thumbs up for this!

And even though I love the company ModCloth, I must admit I only have one item from their store, which is a $15 dollar dress. I'll say that the company is fairly expensive, but I'm sure their things are made with good quality, plus it's vintage style so it's sort of specially made.

Also, the surprize you win at the end of the roadtrip is $10 off a $50 purchase; and even though I know I won't be buying anything that expensive anytime soon, I still loved playing this roadtrip game! Anyone who thinks they can use that type of coupon, start your roadtrip today!

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