Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mary Richard's Fashion

I thought I'd post a Mary Richard's fashion entry in honor of Mary Tyler Moore's 76th birthday only a few days ago! I would have to say, the Mary Tyler Moore Show is probably my favorite show of the 70s. It's right up there with The Sonny and Cher Show and The Brady Bunch.
Though I love the show as a whole, I favor the first season of the MTM show for a few reasons. I feel I can relate to it better than the later seasons, where Mary was more adult like and had her life sort of figured out. In the beginning, Mary was just starting out, a single, independent woman not knowing where her life would turn. She had the world ahead of her. She was young, hip, and beautiful. With her gorgeous brown eyes, and  hair flipped at the ends. I love seeing her go on dates, or talk with her friends (Rhoda and Phyllis, other reasons why I favor the first season of the show) about whatever it was that was happening in the episode. She's someone I want to be. Someone I feel I could be in only a matter of years.
Her apartment was very 70s, her job/lifestyle was a breakthrough for women in America, and she had the greatest style. Mary's style on the show was very hip. She usually wore cute dresses, or blouses tucked into above the knee skirts. To add some flare she would put on a pretty belt or thin, shiny necklaces. Another thing she'd often wear is pantsuits with a scarf tied around her neck or a necklace to brighten up the outfit.

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