Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just Be Stevie Nicks

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I was Stevie Nicks for Halloween! This outfit was sort of whipped up quickly. To be honest, I wanted to do even more with this outfit, but I figured I'd keep it simplistic for the sake of saving money. I didn't have a crescent moon necklace or a flowing gypsy skirt, but I did manage to find a black fringe shawl at Forever 21, and I borrowed a top hat from a family member. I think the whole thing came out pretty good. I curled my hair too, by braiding it then letting it out and teasing it a little bit so it would get that frizzy affect. I had a nice Halloween and a fun time dressing up.
P.S. I got the title inspiration from Tavi Gevison, who said this in one of her presentations.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Today was sort of a gloomy day, but it turned out to be a nice night for the trick or treaters. Even though I'm much too old for going around the neighborhood, I still love dressing up and handing out candy to all the little kids on my street. It's always so fun to see all their costumes and how cute they look in them. I actually get very excited about Halloween. I'm the first and last one out there. As you might've already guessed, I was Stevie Nicks this year. I was out there twirling around in my black shawl singing Rhiannon. Yeah, I sort of got into character.
Anyways, I will have pictures posted soon! So stay tuned!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stevie Nicks' Style

 Ok guys, let's talk about Stevie Nicks. There's many elements to understanding this woman. There's her music indivisually, Fleetwood Mac, her live performances, her personality, and her relationships. But there's one thing you cannot surpass when talking about Stevie Nicks-her style. Stevie came to fame in the mid 70s and immediately developed a style that would stick with her for years. Many say it is witchy, some say gypsy; either way, it is unique and one like no other.
 (Collage courtesy of my Polyvore)

Stevie's style is one like no other. In the 1970s, Stevie's style was very gypsy, and bohemain. But it was also very dark and mysterious. She would often times wear a black tank top, leotard/ballerina style, with a gypsy patterned maxi skirt. The skirt would usually flow down in layers, accompanied by a long, flowing shawl hanging down past her waist. From her neck would hang all kinds of beads and necklaces, often times being a crescent moon necklace, which can be seen in most of the pictures above. Her hair was always curled and teased under a sophisticated black top hat, and her shoes were often times platform heeled boots, which made her stand tall. 
Mama Nicks. Here are some pictures of Stevie Nicks now. Doesn't she look fabulous? If I could choose to look like anyone when I get older, I'd choose to look like her. I think she is so perfect, still to this day. Stevie is still a rocker at heart and does shows with Fleetwood Mac, performing her classic hits. She also still maintians her distinctive style, wearing her flowy black outfits and twirling around in them onstage.

The crescent moon necklace symbolizes Stevie. She is a sister of the moon, she has a witchy edge, and she likes to keep some things a mystery. To this day, Stevie can still be seen wearing her iconic crescent moon necklace, which signifies who she is. You can see this in the picture above.

Just to give a little taste of Stevie, her music, and her style, here is a clip of her singing Rhiannon with Fleetwood Mac in 1976. She is, to me, the definition of perfection in this video. Her hair is curled a golden blonde, her voice exudes passion when she sings, and she is twirling her way to stardom in her signature skirt and shawl flowing behind her.

Vintage Fall Fashion

Over the summer, I told myself this school year would be the best out of all my years in high school. Being a senior, I wanted my life to be complete on all levels. I wanted my grades to be good, the subjects enjoyable, and my physical appearance at its fullest potential...that part never really happened. I guess we are always trying to perfect ourselves in one way or another, but most often times than not, it never really works that way. 
This summer I pictured myself wearing plaid mini skirts and turtlenecks of different color assortments and black patent leather Mary Janes with white knee high socks. I pictured myself wearing high waisted jeans with patterned blouses in shades of brown and orange and yellow. I pictured myself wearing tall brown leather boots and warm leather jackets with fur at the cuffs and around the collar. I pictured myself looking like a teenage girl in the 70s.

But the reality of all that was different. Sometimes things don't always work out the way you plan.
I haven't really been able to buy any new fall clothing, so I just sort of had to jump right into fall with the clothing I already had. I hope sometime I can live up to my fullest potential and be the Marcia Brady I've always wanted to be, but I guess until then, I just have to get creative. 
Anyways, since I can't provide you with any cute outfits, check out these groovy sixties girls who already have. I adore each and every one of them and I would love to wear any outfit like this. These kinds of pictures are originally what attracted me to the decades of the 60s and 70s. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

60s Teen: Marcia Brady Shirt

Here is another 60s girl photoshoot! I am wearing my Marcia Brady shirt, as I call it, and am modeling with  pretty much my favorite album ever and new obsession...Fleetwood Mac! Over the summer I developed this obsession. I think it all started when I started listening to "Edge of Seventeen" on my seventeenth birthday. My love then progressed when I found out she sung multiple other songs that I knew and loved, and found new ones that I would come to love.
But I think this month was the peak of my obsession with both Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks!  I couldn't stop listening to their songs! It amazes me how many hits they've had as a group, and Stevie on her own. And they're all amazing in their own way. I love Christine, Lindsey, and Stevie's voice and talent equally...well maybe I like Stevie a little more. But I do love all of them. 
Pretty much every day of this whole month I would sit down in a secluded section of the cafe for study hall period 2, take out my homework or journal, or whatever I was working on that day, and would just plug in my headphones and listen to the Fleetwood Mac Radio on Pandora. Every time a Fleetwood Mac song came on it was like heaven to my ears. It always made me want to get up and dance, which I didn't, but I happily tapped my foot to the beat. It really put a genuine smile on my face to hear Christine's sultry voice, Lindsey's incredible guitar riffs, or Stevie's hauntingly beautiful solos. Some songs really speak to me. Every time I hear the song "Landslide," I can't do anything else but just stare off in space and think about how beautiful and sad the lyrics are at the same time. It really just makes me want to cry! Sara's another one of those songs that get to me. I can't get over how beautiful it is!
Anyways, enough about my obsession, I just had to get that out of my system. But I will probably be posting some far out Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks posts on the blog soon, so stayed tuned! I'll think of something fun. 
P.S. There are a few pictures of my bed on here. I got a groovy new pillow that looks like something that would be on Laugh-In. I think it really gives my bed color and makes it looks like it really is from the 60s!