Saturday, February 16, 2013

Elizabeth Montgomery

Some beautiful pictures of Elizabeth Montgomery.
Make it a movie night! Here are three movies starring Elizabeth Montgomery. I saw the first one last night and it was such a good movie. It was definitely a change from seeing her in Bewitched though. This is a more serious film, and it's also made to be an informative piece as well.
The second movie is one I haven't seen yet, but am hoping I will enjoy. From skimming through it, and reading the summary, I feel it will be sort of a dark and mysterious movie. Watch to find out!
The third movie is one I also haven't seen, but also one I hope I will enjoy. It looks like it takes place in the early 1900s, which is something I always love-when movies are filmed in another era than my own. You get to be a part of history almost, in another time. So I'm hoping I will like this movie!
1. A Case of Rape
2. The Victim
3. Mrs. Sundance

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