Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Gift

A few weeks ago I ordered a couple of things for myself on Modcloth. When I opened my package, I was surprised to see two heart shaped hair clips. On the back, it had a little message written "A Free Gift For You!" I was just as excited about this free gift as I was my package. And I have to say, although a lot of things on Modcloth are out of my budget, I know that this company is very unique and creative, and knows how to get customers. Little things like these, and the Modcloth roadtrip, and the $15 surprises are things that get people excited. They are things that make people want to come back, whether this store is out of their budget or not. It makes people sort of "hopelessly devoted" (if you will) to them. So, I just want to take this time to show appreciation for this wonderful company, and let it be known that I will continue to buy from this store,  even if it's little things like the recent nightlight and calendar I got. Visit to check out their unique sense of style, and have it become a part of your wardrobe/life as well!

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