Friday, May 17, 2013

A Chelsea Morning

 Ingredients for a perfect breakfast!
 Sonny enjoying the morning sun.
 Bringing my plate to the table.
 For me, this is perfection.
 Deliciously healthy breakfast.

 The trees may not show any flower buds, but I know Spring is on its way!
 Taking in the sun's rays.

 Snuggling up with a good book.
 Sonny debating whether or not to go on the trampoline.

Before I write anything, I just want to say, this wasn't from this week, or last. This was actually about a month ago; well....more.
It all began Saturday March 23. I set up a table and multiple chairs for the Earth Hour Party I was having. Younger kids from my neighborhood came. We had lots of natural snacks, like Mott's fruit gummies, chips, popcorn, Izze soda, and Newman's Own cheese pizza. We set out lanterns and candles and played manhunt. I mainly just ran back and forth from the house to the table, waiting on people left and right. But it was still fun, and I'm glad I had the party, and glad I got kids excited about saving the Earth. It was just plain freezing out that night though, and became very windy. But it was a nice night to look at the stars. That night I was so tired I just fell asleep on the couch in my yoga pants and sweatshirt, watching Friends on TV. I woke up real early, realizing I'd slept through the night. It was about 5 in the morning. So I crept upstairs, put on my nightgown with the Peter Pan Collar, went under the covers, and watched "Jenny" on my laptop, a movie starring Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda. I really enjoyed this movie. By the time I was done watching it, it was bout 7:00. So I got dressed and fixed myself some breakfast....
This morning was like no morning I'd experienced before. It was just perfect! Although there were still remnants of snow on the ground, I could feel the air warming up, though it was still too chilly for what I had put on-a peasant blouse, jean skirt, and I walked barefoot. But I didn't care, even if my feet did burn from the stepping on the ice. I felt good; almost like a hippie.
I then fixed myself a breakfast I'm proud to call healthy-toast with jam, organic milk, and kiwi and strawberries (I really love when I decide to eat healthy instead of having junk food). I brought the plate outside, sat down and just looked around at how beautiful life was around me. It was such a gorgeous morning out-it wasn't quite Spring yet it was just transitioning out of Winter. Birds were chirping, I let my cat Sonny out to play voluntarily, and he walked around and explored the backyard a bit. It was cold out but I felt so natural being outside. I felt like the hippie I've been wanting to be. This was the lifestyle I had been wishing for for so long. Just a simplistic, natural way of life. With healthy food, a natural atmosphere, and books.
When I finished my breakfast, I read my latest book "Catcher in the Rye," and went under the covers of my penguin blanket to enjoy this new read. It really was a terrific morning. I'd done everything I'd enjoyed, all of which I wish I'd do more often than actually do. But I think these mornings are wonderful, and everyone should experience them once in a while.

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    It's just Alexis under an alter ego blog account.

    Just wanted to say great post. Love the photos too.