Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Experimenting With Fashion

Recently I was watching an episode of "The Partridge Family" and noticed Laurie wearing a classic 70s style-a sweater vest over a button up blouse, exposing the sleeves and collar of the blouse. Naturally I've seen this style on numerous 70s TV shows, advertisements, and even average pictures, but it never really dawned upon me to try this look on myself. Lately I've been pondering over what I could do differently with the clothes I already have, instead of simply buying new ones. I know that true fashionistas find ways to make new outfits out of the old clothes they already have. And so, that is just what I did!
This look is easy to do and can work with any blouse or sweater vest. I only have one of these types of vests, but I can experiment on other blouses I have. More colors will provide more opportunity to turn a simple shirt into a new fashion. So try it out; if you're bored with your style, put a vest over your shirt and you'll look like any 70s teen, or secretary you've seen on television!

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