Sunday, June 2, 2013

NYC Spring 2013

 Starbucks for breakfast!
 View on the top of the parking garage.
 100 Years of Grand Central Station.
 The beautiful architecture. 

 Flags at United Nations.

 A globe in front of the UN.
 A photo gallery inside of United Nations. They were featuring photos of how children in other countries get to school. I liked the life-size photo of the children riding on a donkey to school on the left.
 The Katie Show studio!
 ABC Studios.
 This is literally the best thing EVER. A scrumptious little waffle that tastes as if it was flown in from Belgium. Topped with chopped strawberries and lightly powdered with sugar. I think the stickiness of the waffle could've been syrup, which added an extra layer of flavor. And it was warm. It was fabulous.

 Where we ate lunch. The Peanut Butter & Co., Greenwich Village. They serve nothing but peanut butter sandwiches here (or entres topped with peanut butter). 
 The Elvis, which was DELICIOUS! This sandwich had peanut butter and banana with honey mixed in. It was SO GOOD. It came with a side of carrots and chips. The the classic kid lunch, fit for anyone longing to relive their past, in a gormet way (sort of)!
My ticket for the Katie Show! 
This April,I went to New York City and had a marvelous time! I saw a taping of the Katie Show and it was such a great experience! It was very cool to see things that were behind the scenes, some of the things they had to retape, some of the things that Katie had to say for the promos. She seemed really nice too, and was talking with the audience a bit. She was gorgeous too! This episode featured 3 supermodels who talked about anti-aging and beauty, and how to look younger. Of course, this episode was already aired, but it was different seeing it after it was taped. 
Besides the Katie Show, I got a few treats like a waffilini, which was absolutely delicious, and a peanut butter and  banana sandwich from The Peanut Butter Company. I also went to United Nations for a bit to check out the photo galleries they were exhibiting. It was a beautiful day out and I had a great time!

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