Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year's Goals

I can honestly admit that this Christmas season was one I just wanted to be over and done with. When the holiday was finally over, I was actually pretty relieved of it. I think I credit most of this to the fact that there were many things I wanted to get done, and goals I wanted to get started on, but it was pretty hard to do so when everywhere you went the roads crowded with last minute shoppers. I wanted nothing more than to start fresh. And that's what I did...the day after the New Year I sat down and painstakingly wrote down a list of goals I wanted to accomplish in the New Year.

One of them was to fully clean/organize my room. This was a goal I immediately started on within the first few days of the New Year. I fully cleaned through my mountainous closet and gave away loads of stuffed animals, books, and clothing. And it felt great. I now have nothing in there but the things I actually use. In the upcoming months I plan to look for a desk and further organize my room.

Another goal of mine was to get in shape. After the long vacation of sitting and lounging around, I felt pretty lazy. And I know that simply not excersizing has definitely put on a few pounds on me. So recently I've been finding a creative outlet for exercising in this winter weather: dancing around the house to my favorite ABBA songs. And I love it! Other things I plan to do are buy more healthier snacks and start having more fruits and vegetables.

One major goal I know I have to work on is spending time doing more productive other words going on the computer far less than I do now. I know it's not healthy for me and that I should be working on more projects and expressing myself through creative ways like art and music. Here are some of the things I want to do more of this year:
-Doing artsy things
-Writing in journal
-Do more cooking/baking-trying out new recipes
-Spend more time outside/in nature
-Practice piano
-Read/study more

Recent Hauls

 These first two pictures are technically not a haul...but they're incredibly groovy nonetheless! I actually got these two gifts from my dad for Hanukkah, which were for me, the best presents EVER!! I was so surprised upon getting them that I just had to play my new Mirage album right away! For me, these were the perfect gifts...being a Fleetwood Mac fan with a scratched Mirage album I definitely needed a new one! And 16 magazines are one of my favorite vintage mags to look through....lots of groovy people in it! The Beatles, the Stones, Jane Asher, and so many more!

With the end of the recent Christmas season, I was able to buy some things online and do a mini favorite kind! I was SO incredibly lucky to find these sixties miniskirts. I knew the minute I laid eyes on them I just HAD to get them!! I could NOT pass up the offer no matter what the size or price was! So I got them both and love them; and I will be featuring them in some upcoming photo shoots. Also, I got a new Heart record that I've just been dying to get of their most popular "Dreamboat Annie." It is such a groovy album! Lots of incredible guitar solos and killer vocals from the Wilson sisters. Last but not least, I got a "Big Eye Mod Kid" poster...something I've also been wanting for a while now, to hang up in my room. These were a popular series of posters from the sixties, which featured precious big eyed children dressed in groovy mod fashions! This one was my favorite and I was glad to find it at just the right price!

Fleetwood Mac Obsession

My obsession with Fleetwood Mac started when I was on the Edge of Seventeen. Six months later my love for them has only grown stronger. Since then I've discovered more great songs, seen new pictures and videos, and met new people through this fandom, including one of my best friends. I will always love this crazy, amazing, beautiful band, and I will forever cherish their records. Fleetwood Mac changed my life for the better and six months later my relationship with them is still going strong. I love you Mick, Johnny, Stevie, Lindsey, and Christine.