Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cher Concert

A couple of weeks ago I witnessed one of the greatest nights of my life. That's right....on the 5th of April, I saw the one, the only, CHER. After being obsessed with her for almost 3 years now, her concert was definitely the epitome of my obsession.
To see my idol after almost 3 years now was truly incredible. Her concert was spectacular; it was like a show before each song, and like her tour states she was “Dressed To Kill.” All of her costumes were simply beautiful and correlated with each song and era. I could say that I was surprised, but knowing Cher, I couldn't have expected any less. She really puts on an incredible show and wants her audience to be satisfied. How she does it at her age amazes me, but she is still out there rocking and looking as gorgeous as ever! She is hilarious, down to earth, beautiful, and overall still has a fantastic voice.
I've had many obsessions in my lifetime, but none other can compare to my love for Cher. I can never get enough of her. I have heard every song, seen every movie, and read every book there is to read about her and I know more than anyone can ever imagine. People can judge her all they want, but I know who she really is, and she really is a down to earth person wanting to make her fans happy.
I became obsessed with her the summer I turned 15, and every time I hear her songs they take me back to that wonderful time when I was just discovering 60s music, fashions, and television. I thank Cher for these wonderful memories and seeing her after all these years of idolizing her was truly the epitome of my obsession! So thank you 
Cher for an incredible night!

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