Monday, July 7, 2014

Me in a nutshell

It is sad but the flea market season has come to an end, I've had a good couple months with the people I've met there, and came to call friends. Every week, whether I buy 10 things or none, I always feel it is my duty to at least say hi to some of my favorite vendors there and stop to chat for a little while. It isn't even so much about the items they sell, but more about the people themselves. I've met some great people going there each and every week and when I come back I feel couldn't be happier! I love fangirling over Stevie Nicks and Cher with middle aged women, and having record vendors bring certain records in especially for me. It becomes a community you come to know and love, and I feel I've definitely found my place there.
It might sound silly, but it is something I love doing and being a part of! I feel I'm their most loyal costumer there. No matter how much I had going on that day, I always made time to stop by at least once!
Either way, flea markets have always been something to look forward to for me. I've found a lot of great things this season and I'm so lucky to have something so rad just a mile away from me! I can't wait for the start of the fall season, and I know August 31st will roll right around before I know it!

Spring Florals

Judging by the title of this post, you can probably already tell that this should've went up months ago. But it is also one I've been most excited to put up, because it is my favorite day of the flea market season!
Now for the past two years or so it has become a routine of mine to wake up early Sunday mornings and walk to the flea market just in the center of town. Here is just a glimpse of one of many this season!
(This by far had to be my favorite and luckiest of the season because of all the pretty things I found there!)
These two were some of my favorite picks of the day! They were so flowery perfect for Spring! Both of which I had always wanted. Picture discs were always something I found cool, and when I laid eyes on that Bambi one I knew I had to get it! It was super sweet and had such a pretty picture on the front and back!
The leather purse was also something I'd been wanting for quite a long time, and knew I just had to pick it up the minute I saw it! I found it so hippie-like, and something just like a 70s girl would wear! I just loved the intricate pattern it had as well, and was a perfect accessory for Spring and Summer weather!
Just a couple treats-mini book from the 60s, and a delicious Blondie my dad picked up for me on his way back from work.

This dress by far had to be my favorite pick of the day! Not only was this something I've always wanted, but it was something that brought me out of my comfort zone as far as fashion goes. Normally I wouldn't wear something this conspicuous, no matter how old the piece was, but a Mexican Peasant dress was the DREAM. It was any vintage girl's dream to find something this beautiful. I knew I couldn't refuse this when I saw it. I just HAD to have it!
Surprisingly enough, I didn't find this at the flea market, but at a local antique shop that was right nearby. I hadn't even known it was there till I saw a sign with balloons outside! It was a bit pricey in there but definitely some cool things featured nonetheless. Fortunately this dress had only been $15, which was a reasonable enough price considering the intricacy and uniqueness of the piece. I haven't worn it yet but am planning to soon!

If I had to judge my favorite record based on looks, this would definitely take the lead! It's the grooviest!
#TransformationTuesday Barbra Streisand style.